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Some points for consideration that I take away from completing this course include:

I plan for this to be my last blog for a while for a few reasons. Firstly because it is the end of semester and I plan on taking a break, secondly because this blog was established as a requirement of USQ’s EDC3100 Information and Computer Technology course and lastly because I am unsure if I will feel the need to blog again on a regular basis. A fellow student by the name of Karen shares her thoughts through a tally of results via a third party. Karen states that she may continue to blog and I wish her luck on her journey. Nicole on the other hand mentions her youth and alternate methods of engaging with others as two of the reasons as to why she will not be returning to blogging. I suggest keeping an open mind towards the benefits of blogging. Given the professional standard set by EDC3100 and my own personal work ethics the topics of this blog have been constructed through research based investigations. I have not felt an overwhelming urge to blog about personal issues especially considering privacy issues in this modern day and age.

I hope that some of the programs that I have learned about during this course will guide my thoughts and actions towards including ICT in my future role as a teacher. I wish that I could list here what they may be however given the ever changing nature of ICT I am confident that advancements will be made that make any programs etc available now defunct in the future, especially considering that I have years remaining to complete my degree. I truly believe however that I now feel more empowered to learn about, research, undertake and reflect on the different ICT tools in my newly acquired Toolbelt.

I do not believe that this course allowed enough time to fully explore any of the frameworks, models and learning theories that were put forward. I can however gauge that there is not necessarily any one right, true or correct method to follow and that in fact many frameworks and models may overlap each other. This overlapping of frameworks or models may in fact aid in the strengthening of teaching in the classroom. Introducing or implementing ICT into the classroom may not be as easy in reality as in theory for a number of reasons such as lack of resources and the cost of installation and upkeep. That being said, it is possible to have even basic forms of ICT in limited supply and be able to have students engaging in ICT in meaningful ways. This course has explored some of those ways.

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