Something I find fascinating is the names that are given to websites. When I had pets as a child they had names that I felt reflected their makeup or description if you will. I had a brindle cow, I named her Brindle, I had a horse named Peddles (because she would peddle along – use your imagination). You get the idea. The pets name made sense to me. This week David drew my attention to RedBubble. RedBubble, where would a name like that have come from and what meaning is behind what it does. I turned to Google for insight on this matter. My search looked like this “What does RedBubble mean?” One of the first responses was “What does RedBubble mean to you?” Touché, right back at me, I thought. In case you are wondering in means a lot of different things too many different people. I started devolving into the program and immediately I loved the idea of RedBubble as an online shopper. So this must be what RedBubble means to me: An online marketplace. My thoughts and credit cards slipped away when I read David’s following question “how could you make use of a tool like RedBubble in your teaching”? My responses follow; students could scour the site for artistic inspiration (art), budgeting exercises (math), layout and design (marketing) and sale of students’ artwork (fundraising). I am most likely not thinking outside the square and would love to have some more ideas, so feel free to contribute to my blog. Magicdust has some tips for you to follow if you are interested in creating and naming your business and wikiHow has a 12 step guideline to launch your business name onto the web. For what it is worth I truly believe that Spot the dog is a fittingly appropriate name for Spot the dog. Of course the cartoon image I drew above is unrealistic because a dog learns to respond to their name whatever that may be. Here’s a thought, I could try to sell my image on RedBubble!



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